Simplest and quickest way to identify election fraud

The simplest and quickest way to identify election fraud would be to independant audit of signatures on the ballots, registration names on envelops and do a forensic examination of all counting machines and ballots for printed choices. Putting ballots through suspect machines or hand counts proves nothing!

Why do officials in swing States refuse to do these simple things? Declare all fraud and corruption be exposed and brought to justice. God in your judgment show mercy.

AG Barr says he has no evidence of widespread fraud that will affect the outcome of the election. I find this astounding. If we simply did an audit of signatures then Trump would win, based on previous statistics, in the swing States.

OANN: “While taking to Twitter Monday, the President questioned why Gov. Brian Kemp (R) will not use his emergency powers to overrule the secretary of state and do a match of signatures on envelopes. He said it would be a “goldmine” of fraud.

The President also called on officials to check the number of envelopes versus ballots, suggesting they won’t match up.”

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