Shocking complacency by Legislators and election officials

I am shocked with the rampant complacency of Legislators and election officials over election fraud. Some of these people are corrupt this we know, but many are doing nothing despite losing their democracy.

In a dream the Holy Spirit showed me, officials are afraid of prosecuting those who allowed the fake Trump/Russia collusion to proceed despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence. Legislators and officials are also afraid to prosecute election fraud.

It is now clear, Legislators and election officials are the weak link in ensuring honest and open elections.

Keep declaring all 2020 election fraudsters be indicted, the People stand up speaking to their Legislators and officials demanding change and accountability, all Legislators and election officials be strong and courageous to correct all 2020 crimes

OAN: Since November 2020 elections, officials have been hesitant to scrub their voter rolls despite the glaring facts that most counties suffer from severe voter roll bloat.

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