Rights of the unborn upheld by SCOTUS

A major victory for the unborn, something dear to God’s heart. Remember John’s response, while in the womb, to the news Mary was pregnant? Also God knew Jeremiah even even before he was born.

The Texas heartbeat law is comprehensive, not just preventing abortions but also supporting those who have unwanted pregnancies and parenting support. Families are the foundation of society. Teach the parents and three generations will be impacted.

Chuck Pierce prophesied, those States who protect the unborn, will see God’s blessing. Wait for God’s blessings to come on Texas.

OANN: The Supreme Court upheld the new pro-life law in Texas in a five-to-four vote on Wednesday. The high court refused to block the state’s new six-week abortion ban. The ruling came after abortion advocates made an emergency request for the Supreme Court to intervene and stop Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) law.

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