Over 50% Nevada covid-19 deaths among the vaccinated

Sweden, South Korea and Taiwan did not lockdown, now have virtually zero fatalities and their economies are healthy. Countries who locked down have rising fatalities and economies in shambles.

Britain also realises covid-19 has little effect on healthy people, especially youth, so are not mandating vaccines for youth. Healthy people under 55yrs have virtually zero effects from covid-19. Covid-19 affects the elderly with preexisting conditions. Why lockdown and vaccinate everyone?

Keep praying governments wake up, the people speak up and follow the science

OANN: The government is pushing more and more agencies to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, with the military now issuing orders for all service members to receive the injection immediately. As One America’s Pearson Sharp explains however, rising numbers of breakthrough cases suggest these vaccines aren’t nearly as effective as they’re claimed to be.


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