Prophecy Fulfilled!

Rick Scott wins Florida Senate seat. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers!

Ken Malone
August 23 at 6:06 AM
2018 Mid Term Elections—a Message to the Praying Ekklesia of Florida

In December of 2015 I heard the Lord say, “Senator Bill Nelson can be defeated in 2018 and I want Rick Scott to run.” Since then, I have prayed for Scott’s campaign for this U.S. Senate seat. This is not a done deal, but God revealing His desire to replace Nelson with a man who prays and is God fearing.

If Florida steps up and intercedes we could see Nelson defeated and another conservative will be in place to confirm a conservative justice. I have already been to D.C. to pray over the Senate race. I plan to go again. I want to urge you to do your part. Pray, Pray, Pray and then pray some more. Then when it’s time to vote step up again and vote for a conservative to fill the Senate seat.

In Him I live, ~Ken Malone

P.S. Those of you who believe that the body of Christ should not get involved in politics-your too late. God started government and He desires to be involved in every portion of it. ~Selah


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