Pray for President Trump

President Trump has not conceded defeat in the 2020 election. He, along with many Americans, are not fooled by the left’s rhetoric of “Overturning the election”, “Protecting democracy” or “Election fraud has been debunked “.

Americans are not stupid and see through all these lies, more so as evidence of election fraud grows. The Arizona audit is almost complete and has already exposed multiple fraud.

Comments by former assistant director of FBI Counterintelligence saying, “Biden must crack down on Trump’s speech!” is chilling. The left know they have stolen the election and are trying to silence everyone.

Declare wisdom and insight for Trump and team, to return the election win to it’s rightful owner President Trump

OANN: The former assistant director of FBI Counterintelligence predicted he will continue to gain support if Joe Biden doesn’t crack down on his speech. The analyst’s remarks come after he was asked whether President Trump is “still a clear and present danger” to national security

The mainstream media has continued to paint President Trump as a threat amidst his preparation to kick off his Save America rallies. During an episode of Deadline on Monday, MSNBC contributor Frank Figliuzzi claimed the 45th president has used so-called conspiracy theories as a “deliberate strategy” to push his Make America Great Again agenda forward.

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