Declare righteous Democrats stand for what is right

Sen Manchin and Sen Sinema oppose removing the filibuster. Common sense tells us, if a majority of Senators do not agree with a bill, then the bill is bad for the country.

Sadly fewer politicians are standing for what is right but are violating their conscience by standing with their party. We are witnessing the Democrats becoming more and more extreme, to the point of being ridiculous. It is hard to imagine how stupid people can become.

Declare righteous Democrats be strong and courageous, standing up for what is good, right and true, rejecting the extreme policies of the left. Declare, wheels of the enemies of truth run heavy and all their plans fail

OANN: Progressive groups have been pulling out all the stops in effort to force moderate Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) to flip on the filibuster. 20 Arizona groups joined a coalition of more than 40 organizations known as Just Democracy to put out ads targeting Sinema.

The $1.5 million television campaign featured two ads that focus on separate issues. One slammed Sinema over her stance on the filibuster, which she and Sen. Joe Manchin have repeatedly said they want to keep.

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