Democrats know, ending the filibuster ends democracy

Previously Democrats argued, ending the filibuster ends democracy. Now they say the opposite. Apparently Republicans have argued the same in the past.

Sen. Sinema put it clearly saying, each party argued to end the filibuster when it suited them. In Sen. Sinema’s Senate speech, she challenged Senators to work for the People and make decisions for the People rather than the party. Good advice.

The Democrat’s voting Bill is nothing but a “Corrupt Politicians Bill” which will ensure Democrats remain in power forever, democratically of course. This way they avoid prison for stealing the election, the fake Trump/Russia hoax, Uranium One, the big Covid lie and a host of other crimes!

Lord strengthen and encourage Sen. Manchin and Sen. Sinema, give them courageous hearts to stand against all attacks and criticism, your hedge of protection around them and families, encourage other Democrats to stand with them, expose the lies of the enemy and bring justice

FoxNews: Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is speaking up in defense of the filibuster rule amid Democrats’ attempt to jam election reform through Congress. In an interview Sunday, he said the those on the left are willing to destroy the Senate to get their way on changing election laws to their liking.

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