Keep praying for righteous Democrats

Sens Manchin and Sinema are thwarting the radical left Democrat agenda. They refuse to end the filibuster, Federalise elections or pack the Supreme Court because these would destroy democracy.

Now Sen. Manchin refuses to accept a crazy spending budget until he has seen inflation figures! That is common sense, something Democrats have lost as they pursue destructive policies on mandates, border control and fossil fuels.

Lord strengthen and encourage all righteous Democrats to stand for what is good right and honest, to uphold the Constution and protect democracy

FoxNews: Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., on Friday pushed back on reports that he had ruled out including tax hikes and climate change subsidies within the Democrats’ party-line spending bill, saying he would wait until July inflation numbers are out next month to decide.

Manchin told West Virginia MetroNews that claims he had walked away from the negotiating table were widely overblown. The centrist Democrat claimed to only have expressed caution about moving forward with the package before having a clear picture of inflation and the national economy.

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