The People have common sense

When a virus weakens to a common cold, can easily be treated, the vaxed can catch and spread, why wouldn’t unvaxed be allowed back to work? It makes no sense at all and Kiwis agree.

The Government foolishly locked down destroying the economy, forcing injections creating high admissions and staff shortages. So they caused a problem for no reason and now are too proud to fix it. They need to go!

Keep declaring Governments stop lying and acknowledge the truth, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, the People stand up speaking the truth to their Government officials and media, all responsible for these dangerous injections and crimes against humanity be brought to justice

NewsHub: The Project commissioned survey company Yabble to poll Kiwis around the country, asking: “Should unvaccinated nurses be allowed back to work?”

The majority of Kiwis said yes (57 percent), while 43 percent said no.

But the Nurses Society of New Zealand said unvaccinated nurses are not wanted back.

“Our positions pretty clear, they are a small minority, minuscule minority, they have displayed poor judgement, they have not met their professional obligations and the health service doesn’t want them back,” Nurses Society NZ director David Wills said.

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