Persevering Prayer

We continue to persevere on several fronts and we are seeing encouraging progress in many areas. There is progress across the border, in the battle against the “Deep State” of America, the New Zealand euthanasia bill and on the Korean Peninsula but I see clouds looming in the US economy, New Zealand in general and the Malaysian government. Finally, someone has found a cure for “Deep State” disease, open border craziness and impeachment addiction.

I see God is moving in another situation. Although we do not know how this is going to work out, the Holy Spirit said to pray the spiritual parents turn their hearts toward the youth.

Second for the Church to repent and pray for revival amoung the youth. Sometimes God does not change the situation the way we would like. We all have our opinions and desires, but that may not be what God wants.

When Samuel Howells prayed for the Vietnam war, people were expecting the States to win. Samuel was only led to pray for one Pastor. America lost the war but now there are hundreds of thousands of believers following Christ. God’s desire was to bring people to him and give eternal life, not quite what Christians were hoping for. God’s way are not ours.

The “Deep State” is coming to an end but in the last week they have gone on the offensive. Cindy Jacobs prophesied, the “Swamp Creatures” will fight each other as water drains from the swamp. So as we get near the end of this ugly saga, “Deep State” actors will fight amoung themselves. We see a second round of fighting with McCabe and Comey accusing each other regarding media leaks.

A lot of people are wondering when there will be indictments and are upset because Comey and McCabe were not indicted. Indictments must be full proof. If proof is not 100% clear and irrefutable leading to convictions, then it is best not to proceed. Strong evidence of Comey and McCabe’s coup attempt is growing, so it is more important to pursue this. Keep praying.

I had a third “Deep State” dream, where a “Deep State” person was taken away by the police. At that moment someone tried to kill the person. I believe the person taken away, will have evidence and insights to break this whole saga wide open. I am praying God’s protection for that person so they can give evidence.

The first vote for the NZ euthanasia bill was, 77 for and 43 against. Second vote 70 for and 50 against. The last vote for minor adjustments 68 for and 52 against. I see God moving here. NZ First party, who hold 9 seats, could derail this whole bill because they insist, every New Zealander has the right to vote. If every New Zealander is not allowed to vote on the bill then they will not support it. Also, quite a few MP’s oppose the idea of giving everyone a vote. This could be a conflict and derail the whole bill.

My guidance is to pray, the Holy Spirit opens MP’s and the public’s eyes to see euthanasia is helping someone kill themselves. I have not heard any testimonies confirming that but I was encouraged by one Minister’s statement.

The MP asked Parliament members, how would New Zealanders like to be thought of? As people who care for each other or as a people who will help someone kill themselves? I thought that was a very good question. There was a time, when we saw someone standing on the edge of a bridge we would show compassion and talk them out of it. Now we show compassion by pushing them off!

The Koreas! Trump and Kim are arranging another summit so we are still moving toward the goal of denuclearization and peace on the Peninsula. This is a huge challenge to my faith, not just the ups and downs but also to believe God would show such mercy to an evil ruler. I was wondering, where in the Bible has God shown such mercy! Most evil rulers, who persecuted God’s people, suffered horrible deaths.

Then I remembered a study from college. The Ninevites were an evil people who brutally killed and slaughtered Israelis. Israel feared them because of their viciousness. Now you can understand why Jonah did not want to go and prophesy, he was probably scared stiff.

When Jonah prophesied, the whole city repented with fasting, sackcloth and ashes. God then showed great mercy, forgiving their evil sins. I believe God also wants to forgive Kim.

I see clouds looming over the US, Malaysia and New Zealand. There is serious talk of recession in the US. God promised Trump would restore the economy so we must keep praying wisdom for Trump and against any recession. Keep praying for Trump, he is God’s chosen to lead the country back to prosperity. We are his Aaron and Hur so be faithful to uphold him, his family and team.

In Malaysia PAS has joined with the former ruling party, BN. Combined they have won all but one by-election in the last twelve months. This does not look good for the next election. Chuck Pierce prophesied there will be serious suffering if BN win. We continually pray for wisdom on this.

New Zealand continues in the way of unrighteousness. After encouraging confirmations, from Chuck Pierce and others who both sensed a shift in NZ, the country continues in unrighteousness. This concerns me deeply but I continue to declare God’s promises over the nation and wait on him for further guidance.

Often intercessions are not answered immediately. At times like this, many Christians give up. They lack patience and perseverance, but intercessors we cannot give up on burdens God gives us. When I struggle like this, I declare God’s promise over that situation every time I think about it. When my faith is full, there is a deep peace and joy, which helps sustain me and enable me to persevere.

And now the miracle cure for “Deep State” disease, open border craziness and impeachment addiction, “Trumpenol”! I recommend praying once a day for people suffering these crippling diseases, pray before or after a meal, both are OK. Take with water from the word of God and add action where necessary.

Intercessors remember to laugh a little, take time out when needed and keep happy. It is good medicine.

Your happy intercessors

Love Tim & Faith


The force behind Finney’s success!

Indeed, Nash and Clary would quietly enter a town before services even began, rent whatever space they could afford, enlist the help of other like-minded Believers and gather to pray for endless hours, covering the upcoming evangelistic services. They fasted and prayed before, during and after the services ended for Heaven to open and the Holy Spirit’s presence to invade Earth as never before, bringing men to their knees in humble repentance.

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