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enduranceWe are facing challenges on multiple fronts so this newsletter will focus on these intercessions. New Zealand is one. We still do not see a major change in New Zealand’s direction despite three months intercession in 2015 and a lot of prayer since. The Holy Spirit has also given the prayer center burdens for New Zealand/Israel relationships, euthanasia and abortion. Neither do I have any guidance on what is hindering our prayers but I grow increasingly concerned because time is running out. God is working in the nations and 2019 will see a dividing of sheep and goat nations.

Another challenge is our Home Town. The Holy Spirit is moving mightily reducing the crime rate, closing the Red Light District and removing a corrupt government. Also there are many significant transformations in the city which other ministries have brought about. It is exciting to see. However our desire is to see God’s people mature but growth is very disappointing, especially among the youth. The next generation is missing from Church so it does not look good for the future. The prayer centre has taken on this burden but still no results.

A lot of the blog focuses on the States and Israel because they have daily news updates related to our intercessions. There are less updates on Our Town, Malaysia and New Zealand because there is not much news from these countries. If you are interested in only one country or topic you can click on the appropriate link to get the latest news. For this newsletter I would like to focus on enduring the Red Wave.

There were many prophecies of a Red Wave in the US midterm elections. It was God’s will for Republicans to keep the Senate and House but that did not happen! Rick Joyner said, “If only 1% more Christians went out and voted, the results would have been different!” There were about 30M people who voted Republican, 36M who voted Democrat and there are 50M Christians. (correction, 110+M people voted. This does not change the fact that if every Christian voted there would have been a Red Wave) Isn’t that shocking! If most Christians went out and voted, as they should have, there would have been a Red Wave.

President Trump campaigned so hard to keep the Senate, winning ten out of the eleven Republican Senate seats he campaigned. We spent hours in prayer, sometimes giving up sleep. Why couldn’t the Church go out and vote? I am dumbfounded. How quickly they forgot the registrar and the baker! Now we see a gridlock in Washington over a border wall which only costs 0.2% of the budget. How dysfunctional can government get! Frank Amedia prophesied February and March will be a very tumultuous time for Pres. Trump. This could have all been avoided.

After seeing the persecution under Obama you would think the Church had woken up. It is still asleep. Also my personal prayer, “The Church will go out and vote” was not answered. It is very discouraging. However, despite all this we have not given up and we hope you will not give up either.

The Holy Spirit continues to guide us and now we are focused on praying to expose election fraud (Mark Taylor prophecy) and Democrats making righteous decisions (Kat Kerr prophecy). With the Border Security issue being discussed now, there are Democrats who believe walls work and support the wall. My prayer, “Bend the Dems, Build the Barrier”. The Holy Spirit has given me a burden for these two issues and I believe the Red Wave will come if we keep focused on election fraud and Democrats voting righteously.

It is nice when prayers are answered quickly but this does not always happen. Like Abraham, our prayers are answered after we have patiently endured. As a young boy I grew up not knowing my mother was alcoholic. I sometimes wondered why strange things happened but it was only in my late teens dad let us know what was going on.

The Holy Spirit led me to intercede for my mother. He led me to give up some pleasures but most importantly, to endure her sometimes unusual behavior. At times her actions were unbearable, extremely stressful and in front of friends, hugely embarrassing. I endured them all.

For five months I persevered, enduring the pain. At one point I thought I would go crazy, it was so stressful. But I persevered knowing Jesus had given me the grace. After this my heart was changed. I could bear with mother quite naturally and there was a deep peace and joy which upheld me. My heart had been purified by obeying the truth through the Spirit.

I had overcome in that area of my life and later, when I faced similar situations it was easy, even natural to endure. This is the process of sanctification which every Christian must go through. Once we have overcome there is a place of rest which is not too difficult to maintain.

Having learnt to endure I can now endure the test of faith for the Red Wave. It will be hard work, sometimes you will feel like giving up, sometimes you will get discouraged. At times like this it is easy to doubt the promise of God, but like Abraham we must patiently endure if we want to see the results. Let’s be strong and endure until we see the Red Wave come.

Let’s stand together, together we are stronger

Let’s stand together, together we are stronger. I hope you will sign up for our blog and keep up to date with the intercessions, news, testimonies and guidance God has given us for these nations. Our goal is to see these nations become sheep nations as God promised.

Riding the wave
Love Tim & Faith


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