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Blind leading the blind

This newsletter is about America but the principles apply to all countries so please keep reading and be a part of changing your nation. I have followed American news for years. Most of the prophets and teachers I listen to are from the States so I am excited to see the progress the nation is making. Transformation is coming to the States where we will see the greatest outpouring in Church history. For this blog I want to use a political illustration to show why America needs, and will have, a great awakening. It is not about politics, it is about God’s purpose for the States.

When the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing aired, I was shocked! Ford claimed, she was assaulted by Kavanaugh in her teen years. Most women, 90%, who are sexually assaulted are telling the truth so it is essential to treat accusations with a hearing ear, empathy and respect. However we must also prove the story is true. Ford did not know what year she was assaulted, she did not know how she got to the party and she did not know how she got home after the alleged assault. According to experts, victims do not forget these details, they are etched into their minds! It makes you wonder, is Ford telling the truth?

Then Ford named all five people at the party(later adding another mystery person), one her best friend, all who are college kids living with their parents. Her best friend said she has never met Kavanaugh and the other witnesses said they had never been to such a party! Strangely none of the kids lived within the area where Ford said the assault happened. What is the truth! The story is getting more and more fishy. Ford claimed she has a fear of flying but during the hearing, when it was pointed out she often flew for holidays and work, Ford’s posture and voice suddenly changed. Faith and I do counselling and have learnt the importance of listening to the meaning behind what people are saying. We look for body language and tone of voice so we can understand the person better.

Why did Ford’s posture suddenly change from a bent over, broken figure of a person to sitting bolt upright, on full alert followed by a body wiggle? Why did her broken baby voice suddenly change to an adult voice followed by a sweet smile? Later testimony, of a former boyfriend, proved Ford often flew in aero-planes and never showed a fear of flying. She had lied to Congress! Weeks later the FBI said, not one person confirmed Ford’s testimony. Compare this with Kavanaugh’s testimony.

Kavanaugh’s sixth FBI background check, before working for Pres. Bush, was extremely exhaustive. Most of us would not pass. The FBI could not find anything that would prevent him working for Bush. Two hundred women, within a few days of Ford’s accusation, signed a petition saying they know Kavanaugh personally and confirm he has always treated women with respect. One woman, who was Kavanaugh’s girlfriend around the time of the alleged assault, said Kavanaugh always treated her with respect and always controlled his drinking. Do you see any differences?

Ford’s testimony was full of contradictions and probable lies. No one confirmed her story but all five witnesses at the alleged party contradicted her, as did a former boyfriend. Kavanaugh has the FBI and 200 women to confirm his integrity, drinking habits and respect for women. The Democrat Senators could not see that! I am shocked, it looks really clear to me. And worse, 40% of Americans believed Ford’s testimony! This is astounding. I am wondering, how could people be so blind?

As I was thinking about this I remembered my university years. It was the hippy era, we had out pot and our protests. We were the coolest crowd on campus. Then I became a Christian. Suddenly, I realised there were 9,500 other students! They seemed quite good people to me, clean cut, studious and friendly. Then I noticed another group, the Christians. They were also good people and caring, they were the coolest crowd on campus. How could I miss all these good people? Then I realised, “Once I was blind but now I see!” The Lord opened my eyes to see the truth about people and I was shocked at my blindness. Where is this leading us?

The Democrats are blind, they don’t see the truth or reality. I’m not saying they’re all on pot, they may be, but they are certainly blind. Why don’t they see the truth about Ford? They don’t see the truth because they have been blinded by the powers of this world. The blind are leading the blind so people voting Democrat have a serious blind spot which only the Holy Spirit can change.

Rick Joyner in his book “The Harvest”, records the number of times the American Church has been called to repentance. God’s prophets called the nation to repentance and many responded.  Rick says the response was so amazing that if it had happened during Bible times, those movements would have been recorded in scripture. In Moline May 2015, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Lou Engle were interceding for the Church (see below). God spoke to Dutch, “The nation has turned”. God determined there is more than a remnant, and there are now enough Christians walking uprightly to turn the nation back to God.

Soon after Donald Trump announced he is running for President and then won according to the numerous prophecies. We can see the amazing impact he is having and the change of direction in the States, especially in the courts. Under Trump’s leadership there has been a radical move towards conservative, constitutional judges who will rule for years to come. The nation is moving forward.

The Church is responsible for the nation and when the people who are called by God’s name humble themselves, seek God’s face, pray and turn from their wicked ways, God will heal the land, 2 Chronicles 7:14. This year 2019, Chuck Pierce has a word for America, “Now is the time to traverse the States to activate revival in the land”. He says this will bring in the greatest awakening the world has seen and will sweep the world. I believe Dutch and Chuck’s call to the nation will bring this move of the Holy Spirit across the nation.

As the Church goes out evangelising, the Holy Spirit will bring people into the Kingdom, eyes will be opened, people will see the extremes of the Democrats. Americans will change their mind, voting for Trump, the Republicans and conservative values so God’s purposes continue to move forward. Remember it is not about politics but righteousness and God’s purpose for the nation.

As the body of Christ we must stand with the States and God’s will, God will not do it himself. We must work with God to see this happen.

Standing with the States

Love Tim & Faith


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In Moline May 2015, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Lou Engle were interceding for the Church(see below). God spoke to Dutch, “The nation has turned”. Read more …


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