It seems strange to me these judges continue to say there is no evidence when there are 500 affidavits and a whistleblower from Dominion of fraudulent use of their machines.

In Pennsylvania the SC passed a resolution saying ballots may be received three days after the polls close. The SC does not have the power to make laws but only interpret laws according to the Constitution. Clearly the Pennsylvania SC decision is unconstitutional so the ballots should be thrown out. Giuliani estimates 350,000 ballots are affected.

Sworn affidavits say Democrats were able to correct ballots before the election but Republicans were not! This violates the unequal treatment law of elections, Bush/Gore.

The unconstitutional SC decision and unequal treatment in Pennsylvania are Trump’s best route for winning Pennsylvania.

Keep declaring election laws will be followed and all ballots thrown out which are unconstitutional!

Published on 28 Nov 2020
A federal appeals court in Philadelphia on Friday rejected President Donald Trump’s latest effort to challenge the election results in a case that could reach the U.S. Supreme Court if Trump appeals.

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