Biden pulls so many rabbits out of his hat. It’s a miracle!

For nerds who like statistics, these are amazing facts and figures.

NewsMax: Journalists are strangely lacking curiosity about some mysterious ways Democrat Joe Biden pulled off some “electoral jujitsu” in this presidential election, according to The Federalist’s J.B. Shurk.

Keep declaring all election fraud be exposed, brought to justice and Trump remains President

“Surely the journalist class should be intrigued by the historic implausibility of Joe Biden’s victory,” according to Shurk’s outline of five improbabilities, breaking down this “unique political voodoo.”

“That they are not is curious, to say the least.”

Biden “pulled so many rabbits out of his hat” to potentially become the oldest elected president in American history, should Trump fail in his legal challenges to the election tallies of several key state. Most notable are these:

“For Biden to prevail in the general election, despite Trump’s historic support in the primaries, turns a century’s worth of prior election data on its head,” Shurk concluded.

“Joe Biden achieved the impossible. It’s interesting that many more journalists aren’t pointing that out.”

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