NZ Abortion Bill 94 for 23 against!

I don’t have any guidance on the NZ Abortion Bill, simply a burden to pray. The bill passed 94 to 23 in the first reading. There are two more readings before becoming law!

As well as killing an unborn child there is the hypocrisy. One NZ politician said, abortion is not about women’s health, most abortions are for material concerns.

“Killing an unborn child is anathema to God, keep praying the new laws do not succeed”

And who is talking about the health affects of abortion. I can’t remember the figures or sources but there are at least two serious health issues related to abortions which no one is talking about!

When a women becomes pregnant the body begins the process of producing a child. That process continues after abortion causing health problems for women. Also depression amoung women who abort is very high. As someone who does counselling I know how difficult it is to help people with depression. These are the health issues people should be talking about and not about aborting babies!

Source LifeNews: New Zealand leaders proposed a radical new pro-abortion bill Monday that would allow unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth.The bill would treat the killing of unborn babies as a “health issue,” according to government leaders. read more …


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