Mueller’s comments are absolutely reprehensible!

I have serious questions about Mueller. Mueller is a prosecutor not a judge. Like his friend Comey he does not have authority to exonerate anyone. His job is to find evidence of a crime, beyond a reasonable doubt, then make a statement. If there is not enough evidence, such as Trump/Russia obstruction, then Mueller should say so and let the matter go! He did not. He assumed Trump was guilty then tried to find evidence to exonerate him! I thought the law says, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Lord expose all “Deep State” moles and bring truth to light!

Why would Mueller have a team of “14 angry Democrats” to investigate a Republican, why have Wiessman (who gave false evidence destroying Anderson Accounting firm) on the team, why not examine the legality of the FISA warrant, why not investigate Clinton/Russia connections?

How come, like his buddy Comey, he has become very wealthy during his time in office, why make damning statements about Trump just before summit meetings, send amphibious vehicles and helicopters to arrest a US citizen? These are all questions that need answering. (I forgot to add, Sidney Powell believes Mueller, Weissmann and Rosenstein are linked to the Uranium One deal)

Sidney Powell, FoxNews and Republican Senators have asked similar questions. Let’s keep a right attitude about all this. We pray this because grave injustices have been committed, destroying innocent lives like the Anderson Accounting firm and Flynn. It has got to stop!


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