Is Mueller really looking for thruth?

When is someone going to bring justice!

Mueller has not found any evidence of Trump collusion. All indictments of Americans related to Trump associates, are of past crimes or crimes related to Mueller’s questioning. Corsi says Mueller’s indictment is because of his poor memory, not lying. Even when Corsi corrected his memory lapses, Mueller still charged him with lying! Bob how about Clapper’s lies, or Comey’s and the Clinton’s!

Notice Mueller has not raided and indicted the Clinton’s over Bill’s 650K payment for two Russian speeches or Uranium One where it appears millions were transferred from a Russian shell company into the Clinton Foundation. Bob your missing something here!

I disagree with Robert Ray’s view that Mueller is finding truth. Mueller is not searching for truth, he is searching for Trump and it began with the FISA application and those who drafted it. Now that’s the truth!

Let’s keep crying out for justice!

FoxNews: If Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds no evidence collusion, his report should be met with bipartisan acceptance, says Robert Ray, former Whitewater independent counsel and a former federal prosecutor.

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