Mob breached Congress while Trump giving speech

The two men left front regularly attend antifa protests

NTD: The mob had already breached Congress when Trump was giving a speech to a large crowd of supporters more than a 30-minute walk away, a timeline by The Epoch Times shows. After news of the breach of the Capitol was reported, the president issued a video message calling on the crowd to support the police and to go home. The day after, he said there will be “an orderly transition on Jan. 20.” The president later said he will not attend the inauguration.

Cole pointed out that every impeachment in modern history was preceded by a committee investigation which included testimony from witnesses and experts. He argued that a truncated process affords no due process to the president and does little to offer confidence in the process to the American people. Reschenthaler cautioned that charging Trump would “lower an already low bar for impeachment.”

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