A sign for the States!

Let’s take note of this sign, Patriotism will win. This is the word God gave Rick Joyner, for the States, several years ago. Even though things look bad at times and not all our prayers are being answered, let’s not give up hope but press on. Patriotism will win!

Patriotism will win!

Jonny Enlow: The Patriots winning is no surprise as they have been in the Super Bowl all three “Trump” years. The red, white and blue colors of course match the colors of our flag and there really is a heavenly intention to make America great for the sake of a world Kingdom breakthrough. A repeat pattern is seen here with the World Series baseball result, where the Boston Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers. The city that represents original patriotism defeats the city that presently is known for being the bastion of far left and socialist politics.

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