Is there Justice?

pic by FoxNews

Tom Fitton and Gregg Jarrett say, if McCabe is not prosecuted for proven lies, then “The Deep State” is still alive and there is no justice. I have been reserving my decision on AG Barr’s decisions because he may be considering the greater crime, the coup against Trump. (watch video)

Keep standing in faith, proclaiming “The Deep State” hang on their own gallows, people will vigorously pursue “The Deep State” and do justly!” Keep praying for AG Barr and Durham to do justly.

Now AG Barr is not indicting Comey or McCabe for lying, yet Flynn, Star and others are indicted and lives destroyed for lesser crimes. This is not just. Now I agree with Fitton and Jarrett, “The Deep State” is still alive and justice is not being done.

Love Tim and Faith

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