Get tough on election fraudsters

Arizona AG Brnovich is getting tough on election officials, and should also with machine operators, who refuse to hand over election materials. Election materials belong to the People and Legislators have authority over all materials.

We know from the Arizona, Michigan and Georgia audits, election materials have been tampered with. In Arizona the administrator’s log was deleted, in Michigan the security and user logs were deleted and in Georgia multiple logs deleted.

All these deletions prevent authorities from finding out who did what, when and how! Operators are deliberately deleting information to avoid being caught and the true results being discovered!

Keep declaring in faith, Legislators be strong and courageous pursuing election fraud in all States, all fraudsters be caught and brought to justice, future elections be open and honest

“We will succeed if we do not give up”

OANN Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich ordered Maricopa County officials to comply with state Senate subpoenas and provide all information about the vote counting process. He said the county was in violation of state laws for failing to comply and could lose funding if county officials continued their objections.

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