Frank Amedia Prophesies: February, March Will Be Months of Chaos for Trump

Let’s be praying for Pres. Trump. With the Korean summit and the Mueller report almost out, there is a lot of pressure on the President and his team. It is abundantly clear the Mueller investigation is about getting Trump, an insurance policy as Strzok said.

Congress announced, after exhaustive investigation, there is no evidence of Trump collusion in the 2016 election. Like a dog that won’t let go of it’s bone, the Democrats are going to pursue the matter in the House. Really the Democrats are dysfunctional and have become obstructionists, as Pat Robertson(CBN) says.

Let’s be Aaron and Hur for the President, his family and his team, keep praying.

Charisma: “It appears now that whatever is coming out of [Robert] Mueller is going to come in February and March,” Frank says. “We may well see an impeachment process begin in March or sooner. But God is going to prevail, and what they have intended for bad, God will make good—not because Trump is or is not a Christian. That’s between him and God. But it’s because this anointing is upon this man to stop and resist and break all of these forces that have been against this nation as one nation under God and against the body of Christ.”

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