Fox is waking up!

This is huge! FoxNews acknowledging elections not fair in 2020.

I was extremely disappointed when FoxNews went “fox” in the 2020 elections. They are doing such a great job reporting on Government corruption, injustices and the “Deep State”, that I cannot understand how they got the elections sooo wrong!

For the first time, I have heard, Tucker says the 2020 election was not fair and this is why so many loyal citizens went to the Jan 6 protest. Tucker continues saying, until the elections are transparent and fair, the People will not trust the Government.

So true. Over 70% of Americans say the 2020 elections have problems!

Keep declaring all election fraudsters be indicted, rightful winners of 2020 elections installed, election integrity and democracy restored, RHINOS repent or be removed, honest 2022 midterms

Tucker: This may be the most important way to restore the public’s faith in elections

Jun. 09, 2022 – 12:40 – Fox News host Tucker Carlson reflects on January 6 Capitol riots and discusses restoring Americans’ confidence in the U.S. election system on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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