Fake media confirms Hunter facts

Meta data on the alleged Hunter laptop were obviously true, confirming Hunter as the owner. Yet fake media believed people from the FBI, CIA and others who deliberately lied to the public about the Trump/Russia hoax.

Now fake media are speaking up about Hunter’s laptop. Fake media, the Democrats propaganda arm, are also criticising Biden. I wonder why? Maybe the Deep State think Biden’s usefulness is over!

Keep declaring in faith the Deep State hang on their own gallows, for Durham wisdom and understanding to prosecute Sussman, for Deep State whistleblowers to speak up

FoxNews: Nearly one year after the Hunter Biden laptop story sparked a political firestorm, Politico confirmed some of the material first reported by the New York Post in the final weeks of the presidential election.

Politico Playbook published reporting from correspondent Ben Schreckinger’s new book “The Bidens,” which delved into the emails that surfaced in the explosive reporting that was ultimately suppressed by Big Tech.


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