Dutch prays for Arizona election audit

pic by FoxNews

There are serious questions about the integrity of the 2020 election. Arizona had 80% of their ballots decided by the machine operators not the counting machines. Normal elections have only 1% counted this way yet Democrats resist an independent audit!

In Michigan the user and security logs had been deleted from the machines. That hides who made changes to the vote tallies and any outside manipulation of the results. Machines have also been found with wireless chips despite the manufacturers claiming the machines do not connect to the internet.

Add to this the number of illegal ballots from dead, under age and unregistered people. Then the massive spikes in ballots for Biden and removal of Trump’s. Fraud is clearly evident.

Then election observers were prevented from confirming signatures and tens of thousands of ballots were trucked from NY to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania also had 800,000 more ballots counted than the government posted out and Georgia had 400,000 ballots missing the chain of custody. Where did those ballots come from?

We declare all election fraud be exposed and delt with justly, independant audit of machines in all States

GH15: A Win for All Americans


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