Democrats claim they want election security

Mark Taylor prophesied election fraud lost seats in the 2018 mid-Term elections. The Democrats are trying to remove the electoral system and resist cleaning up voter registrations so they can win the 2020 elections.

Let’s be praying the Democrats do not succeed in abolishing the electoral system and all unqualified voter registrations be removed

FoxNews: In the wake of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirming Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election, we are enjoying broad bipartisan consensus on the need to improve election security. But instead of capitalizing on this national consensus to guard against future election interference, House Democrats are leveraging that consensus to facilitate a massive power grab. They are cynically using the fear of Russian interference as a pretext to pass legislation designed to help Democrats win elections.

Source: Jason Chaffetz: Democrats claim they want election security – They really want to secure election victories | Fox News

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