Cindy Jacobs: “A Convergence of Dreams! Binding the Spirit of Delay”

A key for intercessors, “Using our authority”. Most Christians ask God to move in situations but when we know God’s will, we use our authority to take command over that situation. We don’t ask God to change the situation, we use our authority to declare that situation changed.

Elijah List: Binding the Spirit of DelayI remember giving a word about binding the spirit of delay. I actually was on the phone the other day, waiting to get an answer from a credit card company. I was just fidgeting, feeling so tired of waiting. And it was like the Holy Spirit touched me on the shoulder and said, “You know, you have authority over this.” So I bound that spirit of delay, and I’m telling you, that agent came on right away.Another thing like that happened to me where I was delayed on a flight. We weren’t taking off. We’d actually waited on the tarmac for an hour, and it was the same thing. The Lord goes, “Now look, there’s a weather problem; you can take care of that. And there’s a problem going on right now with delays. So why don’t you just bind, take authority over the weather where you’re going to fly, and bind the spirit of delay?”I used those tools that God had given me, and so, what happened? Well, the pilot got on and said, “Oh, I want to tell you the weather patterns have changed. And we’re not going to be delayed any longer; we will make up the time.”

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