Church stand up, be lions

Dutch Sheets prophecies, the church must stand up to the evil in the nation. When the election was stolen in November 2020, the church was passive like sheep.

When Christians become unbalanced they become ineffective. Paul said, pray for the Government so we will have peace.

Is Biden bringing peace? No, he is bringing evil on the nation and must get out of the White House taking Harris with him.

When people cheat in the Olympics, they lose their medal and step down in shame. The same must be done with Biden. All election materials must be forensically audited and the rightful winner installed.

Now is the time for God’s People to stand up and speak up! Be lions not sheep.

Declare all election fraudsters be brought to justice, honest and open elections in all States, strength courage and wisdom for those fighting for election integrity

watch video beginning 31mins. Dutch prophecies, the church must finish transformation from sheep to lions. In November 2020 the sheep did not grow, Dutch commanded the sheep to get on their feet, wind blew over the sheep exposing ticks, oil was poured over the sheep which transformed into lions producing more lions.

FlashPoint: Let the Lion ROAR! Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman & Mario Murillo
Published on October 19, 2021

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