Beginning of the end for the “Deep State”

It is shocking how dishonest and incompetent the Biden administration’s actions are. Remember 35 Obama officials from AG, DOJ, FBI and others said, they have more than circumstantial evidence Trump colluded with Russia.

Republicans cleverly put them under oath. They all changed their story and admitted they didn’t have evidence! How shocking when government officials knowingly and deliberately lie to the people.

A large number of Americans believe the 2020 election was stolen. How can the Biden administration be trusted with a record like this? When people no longer trust leadership the whole system fails. Cindy Jacobs prophesied, the “Deep State” will hang on their own gallows!

Keep declaring the “Deep State” hang on their own gallows, all those who committed crimes be brought to justice

FoxNews: Rep. McCaul blames ‘weak leadership’ for leaving journalists in Afghanistan

Sep. 01, 2021 – 6:22 – Rep. Michael McCaul and Rep. Mark Green discuss the ‘disgraceful’ fallout from the Afghanistan troop withdrawal and say Democrats will have to join calls for Biden’s resignation.

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