“Awakening Will Sweep Through America”

More encouraging prophecies about revival/transformation coming to America. Remember we must also go out and evangelise, bringing the harvest in and making disciples before transformation will come. Most millennials don’t believe in evangelism so Pastors teach your people biblical principles lest the harvest fall to the ground and be lost!

ElijahList: I found myself boldly prophesying: “I call forth a great uprising from the intercessors, that the NAME OF JESUS will be upon your lips from the four corners of this nation, for the Word of God is near you and in your mouths to prophesy. As you speak forth the name of Jesus over this land, the winds will blow, and awakening will sweep through America.” In the dream there was a very strong emphasis on the word “sweep,” and I knew by revelation in the dream that the awakening that sweeps through our land is going to remove demonic structures and people who have been planted to oppose the Kingdom of God.

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