Arizona audit a game changer

Gen Flynn titillates a bombshell announcement for the Arizona audit. The Arizona administration will hold a hearing on 21st Sept to decide on declassifying the 2020 election. Security expert who did the audit said, on a scale of 1 to 10 fraud was 12!

Election officials still refuse to hand over the machines and routers which will provide even more damming evidence. We knew fraud was widespread and serious so the Arizona audit will prove everything. This will be America’s tipping point, other States will follow quickly.

Keep declaring all fraudsters be brought to justice, Legislators have teeth and vigorously purse all fraud, prevent future election fraud

OANN: General Michael Flynn highlighted the importance of the audit of 2020 elections in Arizona by saying the state’s legislature held the future of the country. In a recent interview, Flynn said he expected the upcoming results of the Arizona audit could lead to a decertification of 2020 results in the state.

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