A righteous Malaysia

In 2016 we joined 1,000 intercessors crying out to God for Malaysia. The PM was accused of corruption and possible murder. The people insisted on change. During the time of intercession God gave Malaysia a promise, the nation will tip into righteousness. In 2018 we saw this happen when, against all odds, the PM and his party were removed by a landslide victory in the election.

Sadly the churches went back to their old ways, focusing more on their own programs and Church, rather than continuing that same level of prayers for the government. Within two years the government lost power and a new party came in. When we come to a new level of ministry which brings change in our Church or nation, we must maintain that level of ministry to maintain the changes. If we go back to our old ways then the changes will be lost. This principle applies to our personal lives as well as a national scale.

Malaysia’s mentor shared how the Church in Uganda went back to their old ways after a mighty victory. The result, the next government was seven times worse than previously! Later the Churches went back into prayer, praying out the corrupt government and now Uganda has a righteous government in power.

There are seven mountains in society; government, religion, education, media, entertainment, family and business. The Church must be impacting all seven mountains and over the last forty years there has been an awareness of this need rather than just focusing on the Church. Churches are changing and Christians are becoming more involved in all mountains of society.

As I reflected on our almost fifty years of intercession, I realise the Holy Spirit has led us to intercede and bring change in six of the seven mountains. The Bible teaches us to pray for government so we can lead a peaceful life and the gospel spreads. In countries where there is no freedom of religion, there is tremendous suffering and the gospel cannot spread freely.

Early this year the Church of Malaysia woke up, taking responsibility for the country and came back into unity, praying for the government. Now we are seeing the fruit of their prayers. It appears corruption is coming back into government and the government does not have support from most politicians or the people.

The politicians who came to power in 2018, see pic, have put aside their differences and are now united against the present government. This week the previous government came together, leading a protest for the current government to step down. The people and politicians are demanding the current government step down. As goes the Church so goes the nation, is a true saying.

Keep praying for Malaysia that all corrupt and unjust politicians be removed and brought to justice, God will move bringing a righteous government into power and the nation will tip back into righteousness. Let’s be strong in faith declaring God’s promise for a righteous Malaysia.

Yours in Christ

Love Tim & Faith

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