Cry out day and night

I received an e-mail from Bro. Phil who attended the “Stand in the Gap” training.

Phil makes a very important observation of intercession in New Zealand. This observation could also be relevant to other nations.

I also believe God is stirring his church throughout NZ.

Phil says, “At many of the churches I have been too, there has been a greater realization to the importance and power of prayer and intercession.”

There needs to be the next step from heart-felt and intellectual acknowledgement to practical, earnest, determined intercession.

It seems that only a few are willing to do the hard work that is required for victory .

[Tim] it is encouraging to see your observations. This would show the Holy Spirit is beginning to stir.

 As I said before, we observed very few people in New Zealand crying out day and night. Some thought we were extreme, driving or being Asian by crying out for New Zealand.

I replied saying, “the Queen St. folks prayed this way, Jesus taught us to pray this way”. It is not extreme, driving or Asian, it is biblical.

 As we share the truth of the widow crying day and night for justice, Jesus crying (same Greek word) out on the cross, the Church fervently praying for Peter in prison, then it will sink in.

God’s word will not return void.

The move from the head to the heart will happen in various ways. When you (Phil) attended the training and learnt from God’s word and saw with your eyes.

Others will learn when the Holy Spirit falls on them and they drop to their knees in prayer. Maybe a severe personal crisis will come causing people to cry out.

Usually this is how God works, first drawing people gently then moving vigorously when they don’t respond. Either way it will happen and this is why our time in NZ was so important.

 By “Standing in the Gap” for New Zealand we ensured “fervent intercession” will happen in the Church.

 We have seen similar answers to prayer in our ministry, in Churches and city-wide simply because we have prayed for it to happen.

 Let’s keep spreading the truth and standing in faith for what we have prayed. The Church will catch it.

 God Bless

Love Tim & Faith

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