1000 Kiwi doctors against euthanasia

A new poll, commissioned by Euthanasia Free NZ, found a lot of Kiwis are opposed to parts of the bill as it stands.


A lot has happened since we began praying against the New Zealand euthanasia bill. This Wednesday 26th June there will be another vote, unless more important issues come to Parliament, so please make time and pray during the debate. (warning young Christians this is not for you)

Proclaim God’s promise the euthanasia bill will not pass!

Spiritual opposition is intense with healthy intercessors experiencing near death sicknesses, the committee reporting on the bill said they could not make recommendations to government, initiator of the bill MP Seymour criticising another MP saying “She is the enemy of free speech” resulting in death threats and causing an uproar, 1,000 doctors sign saying they support helping people live and not to kill, Christians deeply concerned with New Zealand’s moral decline starting a new political party with one MP considering joining, a new survey saying only 58% support euthanasia down from 70+%.

NZHerald: One thousand doctors have signed a letter saying they “want no part in assisted suicide”.They have urged politicians and policy-makers to let them focus on saving lives and care for the dying, rather than taking lives, which they deemed unethical – whether legal or not.The letter comes as Parliament is due to start the second reading debate on Act MP David Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill on Wednesday.

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