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It is a long time since we wrote a newsletter but we are keeping busy and pressing on in Christ. These two months we experienced significant personal growth, attended nation changing events in Malaysia and we continue to receive burdens for the United States. We have begun intercessor’s training for a fast growing Church in our home town, we continue to evangelise our people group and to pursue Christ.

This is a very important time for intercessors and God is saying, “Promotion is on the way”.

President Trump’s victory has been a huge encouragement for Prophets and Intercessors so let’s keep close to God and be faithful, there is still a lot to be done. The Holy Spirit gave me a burden to pray for Neil Gorsuch so I am glad to see that answered. This is another step in the right direction for the United States and another nail in the devil’s coffin. The tide of evil is thwarted once again. Neil Gorsuch is making his mark, passing a lot of righteous laws for the States, so we are very happy for them.

The mock beheading of President Trump, rioting in the streets and the shooting of Republican Congressmen shows opposition to God’s purposes is mounting. Chuck Pierce prophesied there will be ten months of turmoil. Cindy Jacobs saw crocodiles fighting as the swamp in Washington is drained. It will be a tough time for the States until February 2018, so intercessors let’s be faithful to God’s call. Samuel and Rees Howells never dropped a word to the ground, so let’s make this our goal.

Jennifer LeClair, editor for Charisma magazine, gave an encouraging word for intercessors and Chuck Pierce has a prophecy for the body of Christ.

Jennifer writes, “On a recent Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer broadcast, the Lord showed me the intercessors who have been faithful—who have been pressing, pushing back darkness, and decreeing and declaring what He says—are receiving a new mantle of boldness.”

Promotion is Coming!

She goes on to prophesy, “The Lord is calling for intercessors who will stand in the gap. I feel a strong unction for underground intercessors to arise in the cities of the nations. The Lord is putting a new mantle of boldness on intercessors who are willing to lay it all down for Him.

I heard the Lord say: That mantle of boldness is coming upon you. Those things you were not sure about in past seasons, the things you didn’t know if you should step into, I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you how to step. I’m going to show you how to press. I’m going to teach your hands to battle and your fingers to war at a new level. I’m giving intercessors new strategies for this season. I’m giving intercessors new tactics in this season, even new weapons in this season. The righteous are as bold as a lion.”(see below)

I strongly recommend intercessors be properly aligned, accountable to their Churches and networking with other intercessors. This provides protection for everyone.

Chuck’s word is, God is giving the Body of Christ mega grace during this period. We cannot live the Christian life in our own strength but only by God’s grace. Many prophets, including Chuck, has prophesied God’s judgement is coming on the body of Christ. But God is not willing for any to perish and through his mercy is giving the body an extra measure of grace to overcome sin and disobedience.


Let’s take full advantage of what God is offering and not let this opportunity pass. The Apostle Paul said, “God’s grace was not given to him in vain”. We know it was wasted on Judas so let’s follow Paul’s example. Derek Prince is clear, we cannot repent when we want to but only when God draws us. He is drawing us now so let’s press in and take full advantage of this special time of grace.

As we mature in ministry we can lose sight of what is important. Most successful businesses focus on a few core products or services. When they expand they make too many products and lose focus, then business slows down. This is the same with intercession.

Our NZ Pastor said, “Tim don’t make any major changes to what you are doing. You are getting the results and that’s what counts”. We consistently follow four simple principles; Obey God, repent of all known sin, pray fervently and be strong in faith. Doing these four things consistently for forty years has got results so be careful you do not become too complicated and miss the main thing.

Rees Howells took responsibility for what God laid on his heart and we see the fruit. Rees never lost an intercession. Jesus taught the Apostles, on judgement day the faithful servant will receive the reward so let’s be faithful and endure hardness.

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith

Jennifer LeClair full prophecy click here

Chuck Pierce full prophecy click here

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