The People standing against covid-19 masks

Parents in Blue States are standing against ridiculous, unscientific rules of masks for children. Only 1/1,000,000 children die from covid-19 but 1/100,000 from flu.

Forcing vaccines and masks on children is not science, it’s about an agenda.

Pray the People keep standing for truth, science and common sense, the People speak to their Legislators and Parliament members, Governments follow the science

FoxNews: It’s not just Palm Beach County either. These lawsuits are happening all over the country. With names like “Let Them Breathe” in California and “Unmask our kids” in Connecticut, parents are organizing. And suing.

Parents have had enough. There are no off-ramps for these masking rules. No end date, no metric. It’s an ideology and no facts alter the rules.

Parents don’t want to sue their state governments. They don’t want to fight their school boards. They want what kids in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Holland, Iceland, Denmark and other countries have realized long ago: kids don’t need to be masked in school and it’s a hindrance to do so.

If so many American schools won’t follow the science, parents hope the courts will make them.

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