Threats on the Koreas


Donald Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong-un has been thrown into uncertainty as North Korea warned it could be cancelled over US military exercises and if Washington presses ahead with its one-sided demand for Pyongyang to give up its nuclear arsenal.

This is not the first time North Korea has made these threats. For the last ten years they have promised to give up their nuclear program in exchange for financial aid. Each time they have not kept their word and received millions in aid.

It is reported that North Korea have only one months stock of fuel for it’s army. Pres. Trump’s sanctions against North Korea, and any country who trades with them, is having a good effect. The sanctions have brought Kim Jong-un to the table and willing to negotiate. I believe Pres. Trump is doing the right thing.

Other news reports say the North’s statement is for the North Korean people so that Kim Jong-un will look strong against America and her allies.

Whatever the reasons for Kim issuing the threatening statement, North Korea can not survive without outside aid for much longer. He must make some hard choices.

God wants peace and unity on the Koreas which will lead to revival. Let’s keep praying!


  1. War will not happen on the Koreas
  2. Bind the spirit of pride in Kim
  3. Trump and Kim will meet and resolve differences
  4. Trump will be strong and not relax sanctions until Kim removes nuclear weapons and related facilities
  5. The removal of nuclear weapons and related facilities can not be undone and are verifiable




North Korea takes aim at John Bolton as it threatens to scrap Trump summit over nuclear demands


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