Sign from above! Head prosecutor misses key hearing.

pic by REUTERS

Strangely the head prosecutor in ’s corruption case was absent from a key hearing. I believe this is a sign from above. Faith had a vision that justice will be done for .

Proclaim justice be done for !

Previous days new evidence was presented, supporting , which the AG took careful note of. Now AG has switched the hearing to Case 1000 which would indicate he has enough evidence for Case 4000, ’s supposed corruption.

JPost: Besides the switch from Case 4000 to Case 1000, a controversy developed on Sunday over the absence of the prosecution team’s lead lawyer, Liat Ben-Ari. Ben-Ari is the lioness of the prosecution who convicted former prime minister Ehud Olmert, and as lead prosecutor for the case, it was unprecedented for her to miss such a key hearing.

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