Couple Power!

Two years after meeting each other we had a simple wedding then moved overseas. For three years we traveled to five different cities. We trained a group of businessmen to start a Church which reached the native people, we started two home groups in another city and helped different ministries where ever we went. It was an exciting but challenging time, traveling over rough roads and sometimes in great danger.

One day we were wondering why were there so many Christians and ministries in one city, yet no Church. The local religion was a mixture of Buddhism, a strange form of Buddhism considered a cult, and a weird folk religion.

When the local priests do their animal sacrifice they remind me of witches. They have black pointed hats, long pointed noses and dance in circles as they scatter blood around. They really look like witches to me, very strange. We identified many demonic forces and bondages throughout the city.

Some of us, including a local brother, decided to fast for the city. As we were praying several of us cried out, “God shake this place”. After prayer we finished our fast and went into town.

When dinner arrived on the table the electricity suddenly went out. This often happened in that part of the country where the supply is not stable. The light came back on. We were surprised, when the light came back on it was swinging! With that the restaurant began shaking.

It was an 7.1 earthquake!

The noise was deafening like an express train going through the middle of the restaurant. Faith fell over as she ran for the door. We did not know which way was up and which was down. We completely lost our sense of direction. It was the most frightening thing we have ever experienced. By the mercy of God it was only lasted for a few seconds.

Everyone ran to open space. There we stood for which seemed like ages. As we processed what had happened time seemed to stand still. At that moment a local brother (whom Open Doors met and confirms our testimony) said, “I just prayed God would shake this place!”.

At that moment we realized what happened. We prayed for God to shake the bondages over this city. God gave us a sign, the bondages had been shaken loose. It was an awesome experience, a God moment. This is “Couple Power”

“Couple Power”

When there are more Christians praying together there is an exponential increase in power.

Within two years we had planted the first Church and now there are many churches. Orphanages sprang up, a Bible college and other supporting ministries. A few years later we prayed the red light district would close down. Within three months it had closed.

The city began to prosper. One sister travels throughout the country and overseas promoting the city’s tourist attractions and within a few more years government people were coming to Christ. God continues to move throughout the city, setting people free and bringing change. It is exciting to see.

A few years later we received a promise of revival. Although we have moved elsewhere, we believe revival will come in our life time.

Recently I was wondering, how could we, two very ordinary people shake a city. It is not just couple power but also other factors.

I will share my insights next week so see you then.

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith

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