NZ police doing what is good, right and just

The bible says, pray for those in power so that we may live in peace. If your Government lies to you about the vax, forces you to take the most dangerous jab ever produced, forces you to have a passport so you can buy and sell, will you have peace?

Talk to your army and police members sharing Covid facts, encouraging them to do the right thing and protect the People from Government authoritarianism and abuse.

Keep declaring Governments wake up and follow the science, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, provide treatments of HCQ and IVM, the People stand up speaking the truth to their Government officials and media

Bit Chute: A Video Made by, and Featuring Concerned New Zealand Police

A brave group of police here in New Zealand have sent me their video. It’s powerful and encouraging to see there are so many who do care for our bill of rights. How many officers will we have to lose to unscientific data around transmission before people realise these mandates are futile?

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