Netanyahu blasts AG

Israeli AG should not be making any announcements about Netanyahu’s corruption case before the elections because it can influence the election results.

Lord we pray give Netanyahu wisdom to negotiate the AG’s news report. Open Israelis eyes to the truth so they can vote for truth and righteousness in the coming elections.

Jerusalem Post: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked Avichai Mandelblit’s decision to be interviewed by Channel 12 on Saturday night, claiming that Mandelblit’s choice was “unprecedented in the history of Israeli justice,” while hours later, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked strongly backed the Attorney-General saying that she was glad he was the one to handle the fateful decision of Netanyahu’s corruption case.

“I work with Avichai Mandelblit daily… he is fair, honorable and professional,” Shaked said on Sunday night. “I am happy it is him if someone needs to make this hard decision. I completely trust his honesty.

”Mandelblit gave a rare on-record interview, telling Channel 12 News that the election will not cause a delay in his decision on Netanyahu’s corruption cases.

Although Mandelblit did not and has not committed to announcing his decision before Election Day, his statements to Channel 12 and others make it clear that this is his intent.

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