Michigan, More Ballots than Citizens!

pic by CBN

This is unbelievable, these people are making fools of themselves. On Nov 4th in the early hours of the morning, after Michigan poll workers had been sent home, 138,000 ballots went into the computers, all for Biden. All within a few minutes, so I guess no signature or bar code checks. (previous I wrongly reported Wisconsin) One problem, a computer was reporting the results live for the whole world to see! Drat, got caught red handed! But there’s more!

Keep declaring all voter fraud, unverified signatures, illegal ballots and computer manipulation of results be found.

In 3,000 precincts there are more ballots caste in Michigan than people who live there! In one precinct there are 350% more ballots than citizens. Another bungle by the inexperienced. God mocks the wicked and laughs at their evil plans is a true scripture.

Keep praying wisdom, insight, revelation, strength and courage for President Trump, his team and lawyers, to uncover all fraud in the 2020 elections and bring an honest result for the election!

Videos show observers not being allowed into the polling station to ensure signatures and ballots are legal. Michigan also sent out thousands of ballots to people which could have been collected by unscrupulous people. In one place, 30,000 ballots went through the system with the same signature. People who say there is no fraud do not know what they’re talking about.

Remember keep a right attitude. We pray truth, justice and righteousness be done, not out of malice or revenge but out of love for America and God’s will be done.

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