Massive exposure of election fraud coming

It is astounding election fraudsters have still not been brought to justice. Within a few days of the 2020 election, it was obvious they were riddled with problems and some were fraudulent. After seeing publicly available materials and 1,000 affidavits, it was clear fraud was propagated on a massive scale.

What shocked me most is AG Barr and VP Pence did not see it, so justice is being delayed. The DOJ and FBI should have immediately moved in and seized all election machines and materials. SCOTUS should have prosecuted the perpetrators simply based on the available affidavits and evidence.

Praise God President Trump is not stupid and is keeping up the momentum. Let’s keep believing God will resolve this. Justice will be done if we do not give up.

Declare all election fraudsters be indicted swiftly and winners of the 2020 elections, in all States, take their rightful place

OANN: Trump said our nation was being destroyed and Republicans needed to find out how Democrats cheated “hundreds of thousands and even millions of votes” or the party wouldn’t have a future. He went on to say the facts were coming out, the truth was being uncovered and the “crime of the century” fully exposed.

“The survival of our nation depends on holding these responsible and we have to hold these responsible elections, we have to hold those that are responsible for the 2020 presidential election scam,” he expressed. “It was a scam, greatest crime in history.”

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