Latest Covid treatments by the World Council of Health

The CDC calls Omicron ominous but is this an exaggeration? People who catch Omicron will develop immunity to Omicron and Delta so this will spell the end to this Covid madness.

Now there is clear evidence masks do not work, jabs do not protect nor stop the spread and cheap treatments are extremely effective.

It is impossible to stop Omicron’s spread but it is easy to treat at home. This is especially important for those with co-morbidities because Omicron can be fatal, so be prepared and be careful.

Keep declaring Governments follow the science, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, provide treatments of HCQ IVM and monoclonal antibodies, the People stand up speaking the truth to Government officials and media

WCH: This is an up-to-date guide to managing Covid-19 illness effectively at home. Covid should be treated early, with a combination of therapies, and treated aggressively to avoid the more serious consequences of the illness.

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