Koreas Summit 2.0

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Cindy Jacobs and the ACPE prophesied “We sensed a little warning – step it up in prayer for North Korea. The situation could flash again and cause some problems.” The devil wants war, but God wants revival. Trump and Kim will be meeting over the next two days, 27-28th Feb, in Vietnam so need our prayers to move forward and denuclearise the North.

Intercession for the Koreas is crucial for Asia. Hank Kunneman prophesied, revival in North Korea will begin a move throughout Asia. Hank also prophesied Kim Jong-un’s real motive is to bring destruction but God’s motive is to bring transformation. Charles Shamp prophesied, Kim Jong-un has the destiny of the nation in his hands, to be a liberator or a dictator. So the promises of God for NK are tremendous but the challenges are enormous.

Trump and Pompeo are clear, Kim must take irreversible and verifiable steps to denuclearise before sanctions will be removed. This could be done in a step-by-step process but each step must be conclusive. Kim has lied and cheated governments out of millions but Trump is not so stupid. Trump is clear and firm about the removal of sanctions only if there are irreversible and verifiable steps taken. Praise God for a wise President!

God has given many promises for North Korea (Pyongyang was formally called Jerusalem of the East) so we must stand in the gap for Trump and Kim to ensure God’s will prevails.

I had a dream, Mike Pompeo was sitting in the front passenger seat of Kim Jong un’s Mercedes. I looked in the window and said, “Well done Mike, you’re doing a great job”. It is no coincidence Mike Pompeo, former head of CIA and committed Christian, is the person negotiating the day to day details for the Koreas.

Charles Shamp had a dream saying, “I told him (Kim) that I had been working diligently with the CIA and the United States for many years, relaying information concerning him and his family. He looked at me in shock as I disclosed many things to him about my dealings with the United States.” Amazing how some prophets have specific words like that. God does this to encourage us so we know we are on the right track, so we can pray specifically and persevere in faith.

If you are a young Christian, then this is not for you. The Holy Spirit has warned intercessors, there will be strong spiritual opposition against those interceding. So intercessors keep your armour on as you stand in the gap.

We have received the following promises so please stand with us and proclaim:
1. War will not happen on the Koreas and the North will denuclearise
2. The spirit of pride in Kim and his sister be bound, they will humble themselves
3. Kim and his sister will repent and believe in Christ
4. That Kim will grasp his destiny as a liberator not a dictator
5. Unification of the Koreas
6. Revival will come to North Korea as God promised

Let’s pray:
1. Wisdom for Trump, Kim and their teams to resolve denuclearisation issues
2. Both parties reach agreement on clear, verifiable steps to denuclearisation
3. Hedge of protection around Trump, Kim and their teams

Standing for the Koreas
Love Tim & Faith 


Sadly an agreement between Trump and Kim was not reached during Summit 2.0. Let’s proclaim promises received so far and keep praying for a successful denuclearization of the Koreas. This is hugely important for Asia. read more … 

1. FoxNews:

What to expect when President Trump and Kim Jong Un meet for the second time Feb. 23, 2019 – 6:50 – President Trump raises the prospect of easing sanctions on North Korea ahead of the Vietnam meeting. Former CIA Korea branch chief Bruce Klinger reacts on ‘Journal Editorial Report.’ Source: (watch video)

2. Shawn Bolt prophesies: Divine Positioning for the Next President of Korea (This prophecy is for South Korea but shows God’s love and purpose for the Koreas)

On the first page of the document in this vision, was a picture of a man who was running for president. As Korea’s presidential elections are quickly approaching, I saw that this man had the favor and wisdom from God upon him.

God wants to position a man in office who understands how to reposition the nation of South Korea according to His desires. God wants to use Korea’s next president to bring a number of strategic shifts and new positioning for the destiny of Korea, Asia and the world. read more …

3. Charles Shamp prophecy for North Korea (watch video)

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