Justice coming to elections

Everyone was shocked to see election workers pulling ballots out from under a table after observers left the room and the door was locked. Those ballots changed the results of the Georgia election.

More shocking was the SoS Raffensperger saying, the video was a normal election process and opposing the audit! Adding to this 400,000 ballots have no chain of custody. Were those ballots brought in after elections had closed, filled in after the polls had closed or were they printed out like so many other ballots?

Praise God those officials, who pulled ballots out from the table, are going to court.

We declare all election fraudsters be brought to justice and the rightful winner installed as President

OANN: Attorneys expect the court to trigger a full forensic audit of Georgia’s 2020 elections. Meanwhile, Freeman will be deposed on June 11 and Moss will appear in court on June 10.

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