Truth about the FBI Investigation

I have serious problems with IG Horowitz’s assessment of facts. When the FBI lie, fabricate stories, do not verify facts and do not give supporting evidence for the defendant when getting warrants to spy on citizens, you know they are up to something. IG Horowitz calls these lies, fabrications and lack of verification, errors and omissions! They are not omissions, they are deliberate and persistent actions to falsely spy on someone.

I first commented about IG Horowitz’s assessment of facts during the Clinton e-mail scam and the Trump Russia collusion investigation. In my opinion there is clear evidence the FBI and DOJ were bias, clearing Clinton and coming down hard on Trump and his associates.

“Truth will prevail”

AG Barr disagrees with IG Horowitz assessment, wise man. The Democrats deny the “Deep State” facts because it appears a lot of them are “Deep State”. Previously AG Barr said, the top echelon of the investigative branches of government do not do investigations. Why then are Comey, McCabe, Strzok and others involved in investigating Trump? They are up to something!

Keep praying for AG Barr and Durham who are investigating the origin and process of the Trump Russia investigation including FISA.


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