Great Progress Exposing Election Fraud

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tells ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ that ‘right now our cases are the most developed in Pennsylvania and in Michigan.’

A good clear outline from Giuliani of how Republicans were prevented from seeing signatures on ballots. That is illegal and makes 630,000 ballots in Pennsylvania invalid! Ten other States are also affected.

Giuliani also walks us through the States which stopped counting, in the middle of the election, just after the ballot dumps for Biden in Michigan and Wisconsin. Stopping counting has never happened in an election. Highly suspicious. Were they trying to figure out another way of adding illegal ballots for Biden?

Giuliani also discusses the Dominion software used to count ballots in the same States which stopped counting. He explains how Dominion manipulated elections in other countries and has proof of how Dominion software and hardware works.

Let’s keep declaring wisdom for Trump lawyers, whistle blowers come forward with evidence, all ballots without signatures be rejected and computer fraud be exposed.

Especially pray for Trump lawyers case tomorrow the 17th, against Pennsylvania State not allowing Republicans to see if ballot signatures are genuine. This affects 630,000 ballots.

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