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Jane Hammon prophesies we are going from survival to revival this year. “One of the exciting things that the Lord has said to me about this year is that it’s a year where we’re going to go from survival to revival. Now, in order to do that, we’re going to have to learn how to enter into prayer on a whole new level and in a whole new place of power than what we’ve ever experienced before.”

As we grow in prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit also grows but prayer is not the only thing required. Teachers often say, when the Apostles received the Holy Spirit they also received the power of God. Why are so many Christians lacking the power of the Holy Spirit? Because they have not been taught, the apostles had three years of preparation in character, obedience and faith. We know Judas missed the boat but the other eleven all made it through those three years. At the end of Jesus’s ministry he said, “They have kept my word”.

The Apostles were living the Gospels at the end of three years. They weren’t perfect but they had come a long way. Now they were ready for the power of the Holy Spirit. If they had received it before the character development, it would have destroyed them. God tested in Israel ten times in the wilderness so they would be able to stand in the Promised Land. Unfortunately they failed. Jane continues her prophecy …

Keep pressing on!

Wow…and we’re in the ninth hour! God is going to answer by fire and show who really is God, I’m telling you! I hope that this excites you as much as it excites me, because I believe the things that we’ve been praying for, things that we’ve been praying to see overturned, things that we’ve been praying to see God move in and things that we’ve been asking God about, He will answer this year.

God, shut the mouths of those people who are lying – those prognosticators – wherever they’re coming from, from the Church, from the world; whatever it is, wherever they’re coming from, shut their mouths. Let me just say, God wants to shut their mouths by showing who the true God is, and He will answer by fire from Heaven in miraculous ways this year.””

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